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Windows on Religion

In the 2008-09 school year, fifty 6th grade students from the New School explored the rich tapestry of faith traditions in the Rainier Valley. They visited houses of worship, interviewed faith leaders, took photos and video, and wrote of their experiences. The project, Bringing World Religion Home, was a collaboration of the Rainier Valley Historical Society and teachers at the New School. Funding was provided by a Heritage Cultural Education grant from King County 4Culture.

Bringing World Religion Home became a part of a larger curriculum piece designed by New School teacher Chris Quigley on World Religions and Spirituality. In the classroom, students learned about monotheism and animism, reincarnation, and evangelism -- the basic beliefs and historical origins of different faith traditions. Their field trips into the community allowed them to experience different religions as practiced by real people, to see how traditions from far away have been adapted in a new home, and to hear about each faith group's hope for the future. Watch this space for stories and slide shows from the project.


Disclaimer! Please note that the stories here reflect the children's experience of individual congregations or groups. We recognize that there are many differences and nuances even within a single religion.

Click here for the World Religions and Spirituality Curriculum Guide.

  • The Jewish Tradition

  • Catholic Tradition in the Valley

  • Field Trip to Temple Chua Duoc Su


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